Shotty Horroh Announces First Team Based Battle League

Shotty Horroh and Briggzy have announced their new team based battle rap concept after dropping hints and promotion on social media for weeks. Shotty first announced that he had big news for the battle rap world on October 16th, followed shortly by the reveal of Premier Battles. The public knowledge was left at only a league name for weeks, until Premier Battles released their promotional video on their website,

Premier Battles is set up similar to an organized, premier sports league, with teams and managers. Each team has 3 battlers and a single manager. Premier Battles currently has 5 teams participating in the league. The teams and managers are as follows:

Shark City - Shotty Horroh

Mandrill Mob - Lunar C

Glory Battle Club - Tony D

Pride Battle Club - Briggzy

Knights Battle Club - Joker Starr

During each season, the team of 3 battlers will battle another team of 3 battlers. The winning team will be that who wins at least 2 of the 3 battles that have been set up by the managers.

Premier Battles will be announced the team lineups once their Facebook Page reached 1,000 likes.