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King Rico

Compton, California
King Rico is an American battle rapper from Compton, California. He currently has 7 battles catalogued, which total 29,534 views.
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League Release Date Views
Fixx vs. King Rico AHAT Next
Event: Young Bizill Barfest
March 23, 2016 4,267 views
The Jones vs. King Rico AHAT February 25, 2015 10,366 views
King Rico vs. Yung Gicasso The Riot December 20, 2014 1,972 views
Chops vs. King Rico The Riot August 2, 2014 1,876 views
King Rico vs. SpaceMan The Riot July 1, 2014 1,919 views
King Rico vs. Geechi Gotti The Riot March 17, 2014 14,562 views