Battle Rap News

Rare Breed Entertainment drops the trailer from the headlining battle between Aye Verb and Murda Mook from their recent Rare Breeds battle event.
Rare Breed Entertainment drops the full trailer for their upcoming Rare Breeds event going down on August 18th in New York City. Headlining the event is Murda Mook vs. Aye Verb.
Battlers face off with each other ahead of their battles at tonight's Summer Madness 7 event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Presented by URL.
King of the Dot celebrates their anniversary with a compilation of headlining battles and highlights from the past 10 years.
Code Red Culture drops the full flyer for their upcoming Next In Line 3 event with a video flyer. Headlining the event is Real Deal vs. Quill, Bobby Rex vs. Scoop and Dialect vs. Tox. The event will...
After the cancellation of Tsu Surf against Iron Solomon at URL's upcoming Summer Madness 7 event, JC has been announced as the replacement to face Iron Solomon on August 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Rare Breeds Entertainment has announced that Head Ice will replace Daylyt against King Los at their upcoming Rare Breeds event on August 18th in New York.
Code Red Culture has announced Rivers vs. Xcel for their upcoming Next in Line 3 event. The event will be going down on October 28th in London.
Rap Skillz Channel, a battle league based in Montenegro and Croatia, has announced their headlining match up between Dizaster, of the United States, and Random of Montenegro. The event will go down...
Murda Mook and Aye Verb face off before their upcoming battle at Rare Breed Entertainment's Rare Breeds event on August 18th in New York.