Event Information Submission

Please use the form below ONLY for battle events that are not yet on our website. Please use the website's search bar found at the top to determine if a battle event has already been catalogued by VerseTracker.

Additionally, please only submit full event flyers. We will not accept any flyers that have been cropped or contain markup on top of them.

If this event is for a battle league that has not yet been cataloged by VerseTracker, please contact the league owner and have them visit our Submit a Battle League page to continue.

Please include the name of the league(s) hosting this event.
Please only submit the most updated flyer available for this event. Please do not submit any flyers that are not correctly cropped or that include any unnecessary text, or social media overlay.
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If this event has a public trailer, please post a link to its Youtube, Facebook, or other media source video.
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