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URL drops the release trailer for the main event battle between Hollow da Don and Arsonal that went down at their SMACK Volume 2 event. The full battle is set to be released tomorrow, June 7th.
URL has announced Th3 Saga vs. Emerson Kennedy as the 5th battle that will go down at their upcoming Initiation: Volume 1 event in Los Angeles.
URL releases the entirety of its recent Survivor Series DMV 2: Proving Grounds battles via a Youtube Live rebroadcast. The battles went down on June 3rd in Richmond, Virginia.
Rare Breed Entertainment as announced Daylyt as the opponent for King Los for their upcoming Rare Breeds event on August 18th in Manhattan. Rare Breed Entertainment announced King Los' return to...
URL has announced Charlie Clips vs. Brizz Rawsteen as the 4th match up for their upcoming NOME 8 event in Houston, Texas.
Dirtbag Dan goes live on YouTube to announce the full card for BOTZ Battles' upcoming Battle of the Zae X card in San Jose.
illmacTV presents the pilot episode of The Rap Off battle series with a rap battle between Ketchup and Mustard. This battle features Illmaculate as Mustard, Dizaster as Ketchup and Lush One hosting...
URL has announced Tsu Surf vs. Rum Nitty as the third match up for their upcoming NOME 8 event in Houston, Texas.
URL has announced Pass vs. Young Kannon as the 4th match for their upcoming Initiation: Volume 1 event in Los Angeles.
No Coast drops the trailer announcing the full card for their upcoming Invasion 4 event in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
King of the Dot and Chalked Out drop the official video flyer for their upcoming Empire event in London on June 9.
The Saurus returns to the Battle Rap Resume podcast and speaks to Tom about his battles against Oshea, Charlie Clips, Geeci Gotti and more.
URL has announced T-Top vs. Ill Will as the second match up for their upcoming NOME 8 event in Houston, Texas.
URL has announced Tech 9 vs. Geechi Gotti as the third match up for their upcoming Initiation: Volume One event in Los Angeles. Already announced for the card is Rum Nitty vs. Brizz Rawsteen and Nu...
Rare Breed Entertainment announces the return of King Los to battle rap at their upcoming Rare Breeds battle event on August 18t in Manhattan. Murda Mook vs. Aye Verb has already been announced for...
Avocado gives his recap of King of the Dot MASSacre 4 event that went down this past weekend in Massachusetts.
King of the Dot drops the event highlights from day 1 of their MASSacre 4 event in Massachusetts. VOD available.
Rare Breed Entertainment drops the trailer for the upcoming main event between Murda Mook and Aye Verb at their Rare Breeds battle event on August 18th. The event will feature a live PPV.
Black Ice Cartel drops the full trailer for their recent Dead Wrong battle event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
URL drops the full card and the trailer for their upcoming Survivor Series DMV 2 event.