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Chalked Out as announced the full line up for their upcoming Beat Down event in April. The event will features on beat battles: Shox The Rebel vs. Dialect, Natrill vs. Press 1, Villin vs. P Solja and...
BOTZ Battles drops the main card highlights for their recent Battle of the Zae 9 event. Battles include Pat Stay vs. No Shame, Sam Kolt vs. MC Damnit, Everybody Knows vs. Rahney and more.
Chamber Battles drops the trailer for their upcoming Gas Chamber event going down on February 24th in Monterrey, California. Pick up the Video on Demand at
Dirtbag Dan and BOTZ Battles presents the Rookie Rumble from day 2 of the Battle of the Zae 9 event. The rumble includes Ohmz, White Widow Haze, Ryne, Trylan James, Skitz MC and Esem.
URL has announced the battle between Th3 Saga vs. Emerson Kennedy will be going down at a one off event on March 3rd in Los Angeles, California.
Hollow Da Don speaks on his upcoming rematch against Arsonal that will be going down on URL's SMACK Volume 2 event on MArch 31st.
Music video for Rum Nitty's song, Bodied featuring Lotta Zay. Presented by URL.
Chalked Out and King of the Dot have released the VOD trailer for the recent Chalked Out: Volume 3 event. The full VOD can be purchased at
URL has announced Bigg K vs. T-Top for their upcoming SMACK Volume 2 small room event on March 31st. Also on the card is Arsonal vs. Hollow Da Don and Cortez vs. O-Red.
URL drops the release trailer for their recent battle between JC and T-Top that went down at the Traffic 3 event in Los Angeles.
Music video for Eddy I's song, Mask. As seen on the Ganik vs. Gully 2 PPV. Presented by Ruin Your Day.
Smoked Out Battles drops the trailer for their upcoming Arctic War event going down in Thunder Bay on February 24th. Main events include Real Deal vs. Stevie P, PoRich vs. Red Shirt Mike and more.
Premier Battles drops the trailer for their upcoming Match Day 002: Away Days event going down in London on April 14th. The event will put battlers from Shark City again battlers from Glory Battle...
URL has announced O-Red vs. Cortez as the second match up that will go down at their upcoming SMACK Volume 2, small room event on March 31st.
Dubscandal drops the promotional trailer for their upcoming Cause & Effect event going down March 3rd in Middlesbrough.
King of the Dot drops the video on demand trailer for their recent Ganik vs. Gully 2 event that went down in Toronto.
Soul and Tony D speak with Tom from Battle Rap Resume about their upcoming battle at Chalked Out's Volume 3 event.
Collateral Damage Entertainment drops the full video flyer for their upcoming Go Hard or Go Home event.
Music video for Big T's song, Stewie Griffin. Presented by Ultimate Rap League.
Ruin Your Day and No Coast Battles have announced that they are joining forces to host the Valentines Day Massacre 5 event in Chicago, Illinois on February 24, 2018. The event will be free and stream...