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Lil Scar

Brooklyn, New York
Lil Scar is an American battle rapper from Brooklyn, New York. She currently has 4 battles catalogued, which total 21,303 views.
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ENJ Battle Groundz
League Release Date Views
Lil Scar vs. Kwanii Kussh WeGoHardTV
Event: Halloween Havoc 2 - WeGoHardTV
November 5, 2014 6,577 views
Lil Scar vs. Torture WeGoHardTV
Event: Mayhem 2 - Survival of the Fittest
August 4, 2014 2,565 views
Flawless (F) vs. Lil Scar ENJ Battle Groundz February 22, 2014 3,995 views
Nina Cruzae vs. Lil Scar WeGoHardTV
Event: May History
June 27, 2013 8,673 views