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Lil Sexxy

Las Vegas, Nevada
Lil Sexxy is an American battle rapper from Las Vegas, Nevada. He currently has 6 battles catalogued, which total 21,273,886 views.
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League Release Date Views
Lil Sexxy vs. JP Da Uso AHAT September 13, 2013 291,027 views
Lil Sexxy vs. Yung Pop AHAT
Event: How The West Was Won 3
March 8, 2013 2,314,041 views
Lil Sexxy vs. Kray-z K AHAT
Event: How The west Was Won 2
May 25, 2012 4,267,687 views
Lil Sexxy vs. Loki Lestat AHAT January 20, 2012 637,439 views
Lil Sexxy vs. Miles Low AHAT February 21, 2011 13,764,994 views
Lil Sexxy vs. White Rapper AHAT February 4, 2011 322,084 views